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Creative concepts

The attention of your customers is coveted, but having a physical space is an advantage. You can use that advantage to give your customers a unique experience, when they visit your shop. But how do you want people to experience your brand?

A creative shop fitting design takes into account your brand’s DNA as well as the preferences of your customers. The shop concept includes all those tiny details, that make the overall brand experience. The fitting design is tailored to optimize sales with experiences that lead to sale, loyalty and engagement.

An example is the Danish scouts, sport and outdoor brand Eventyrsport. Here, choice of material such as stone and wood interacts with displays of tents and hammocks. Living trees and woodpiles create a balance between the natural toned-down colours and Eventyrsport’s colourful products. Together, the details create a full experience that supports the brand, provide a special experience for the customers and reduce the distance between thought and purchase. Following, Eventyrsport was nominated for the Retail Price Award of 2018.

Materialise the brand DNA

Whether we develop concepts for small shops or large chains of shops and brands, the concept is always centred around the brand DNA; We start with an analysis of the unique brand characteristics and combine it with knowledge of your customers and their consumption patterns. We also take into account whether your concept is to be used for different locations – e.g. if some shops are placed in department stores, airports or on pedestrian streets.

When we know the brand DNA, the customers and your premises, we combine it with theory, trends and fine craftmanship. The result is a unique shop concept, developed for you and your brand – and for your customers. A concept that provides the customers a credible experience of your brand – a concept that make them come back. In short; You’ll get a shop optimised for loyalty and engagement – and sales will show.


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Our process

From workshop to finished store

01. brand dna

Our process is centered around you and your brand. Through research and a workshop with you, we define your unique brand characteristics and target groups. We also take the opportunity to gain insight into your objectives and plans for the brand and for your shops.


Next up is to design a concept that match the brand DNA and your objectives while pleasing your various target groups. We draw, develop, test and document our design via prototyping and 3D-print.


We select and produce customized furniture and shop fitting systems for your concept. We also handle logistics and delivery to make sure your shops are ready in time.


Last step is to deliver your new concept inclusive furniture, shop fitting systems and arrangement plan. We are also happy to help you take down old interior and install your new shops.

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